Bradlee Boilers Ltd offer a range of Hot Water Boilers suitable for mounting in either a Trailer or in the back of a Van / Lorry dependant on your requirements. The most popular sizes of boiler for Drain Lining applications appear to be either our RAC150E with a maximum rated output of 500,000 BTU/Hr or our RAC290E with a maximum rated output of 1,000,000 BTU/Hr.


At Bradlee Boilers Ltd we are able to offer the complete boiler package including the supply of Circ pump / shunt pump / fuel oil tank and all associated valving for the boiler.


We also offer the service to install all of the above into your trailer or van and instruct your staff in the use of the boiler.


Customers that have already used our boilers include companies such as Accurod - Drainline - Quicksharp - Epros - TC Mechanical and many more.


Using Hot Water During the lining process dramatically decreases the time it takes to cure certain liners. Click on the two links below to see a sketch of how it all works


Inversion Drum Method

Tower Method