Shunt Pump Set

Pre Assembled Hot Water Boiler

Circulation Pump

Static or Mobile Hot Water Boilers

Becoming more and more popular is scenario of buying a pre-assembled Hot Water Boilers complete with all ancillary kit required to get you producing hot water with the minimum of fuss. 

All of these boilers are custom built to suit your requirements. As part of this service we can even install the boiler into your own vehicle or trailer.

The boiler will have an electrical control panel purpose built to control both the boiler and any ancillary kit you need to control. The shunt pump ( required to protect the boiler from thermal shock ) will be pre-piped and fitted onto the boiler. We also supply the circulating pump - flue - pressurisation units - booster set - expansion vessel - fuel tank - heat exchangers - safety valves - flow / return valves - blow down valves and any other items that you may require to give you a complete heating system.