The IVAR Low Pressure Hot Water Boiler is a steel boiler designed on the wet back return furnace configuration. The Range of Ivar Hot Water Boilers start from as little as 93kw all the way up to 3489kw.

All IVAR boilers have "CE" Certification.

Shell Design

The advanced design of the IVAR shell gives maximum heat transfer coupled with minimum stress throughout the furnace and tube nest. The large volume pressurised combustion chamber ensures excellent flame development   and heat transmission prior to the gasses passing into the tube nest.

Return Water is introduced at the top front of the boiler allowing a long natural flow pattern and gradual  water heat increase before passing from the boiler at the top rear. In order to maximise heat transfer in the fire tubes, Inbox Stainless Steel turbulators are fitted. They increase heat transfer by breaking down the surface tension.

The Shell is fitted with a hinged front head lined with high quality castable refectory and is made gas tight using a ceramic fibre joint which mates with the furnace plate. Two bolts secure the front head which can be fitted for right or left hand opening. A flame viewing tube is fitted allowing inspection of the flame in the furnace.

The rear head is in the form of a dishead end and is completely removable to allow for rear tube sheet inspection. A small soot cleaning door is fitted at the bottom of the rear head together with a condensate drain.

The shell has two lifting lugs and is mounted on a substantial frame that allows for easy handling and installation on site. Glass fibre lagging is provided reducing heat loss to a minimum.

Finally, clip on surface panels are provided for fitting on completion of installation. All boilers are hydraulically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure.


Top quality plate is used throughout the manufacture of IVAR boilers. Probably unique in boiler manufacturing, the tube sheets and shell are produced using the latest state of the art CNC laser cutting equipment. This  process results in the ultimate in cutting quality and accuracy. As a result, the tube nest holes require no further attention prior to tube attachment.

Shell and tube welding is carried out by automatic submerged arc welding technique. Tube attachment is uniform, resulting in a minimum stressed tube nest. To eliminate " tube end burning" the tubes are all automatically cut back to the tube sheet giving uniform protrusion.


Each unit is supplied with an instrument panel that fits to the top front of the unit. Included are:- on/off switch, thermometer, temperature control stat, high limit stat, reset button, fuse etc. etc.


Boilers can be supplied with or without burners. All IVAR boilers can be fired on most types of fuel including various grades of oil, natural gas, methane, L.P.G. and dual fuels. Standard Burners are Riello manufacture, all of which carry CE certification, but other makes can be fitted if the customer has a particular preference. Care must be taken to make sure that the blast tube is of the correct length in order to keep gas turbulence to a minimum.

BoilerHouse Layout / Installation

The boiler must be installed on a level surface with adequate clearance side, back & front. The front clearance is important as space must be left for tube cleaning and possible tube replacement if this becomes necessary in the future. Side clearance must take into consideration burner projection when opening the front head.

Adequate precautions must be taken to protect the boiler from any possibility of thermal shock. This can be achieved by fitting a suitably sized shunt pump between the flow and return connections and can be on constant flow or wired through a stat that brings the pump on line if the return water temperature falls to a pre-set level.

Commissioning, Maintenance, service & spares          

Bradlee Boilers have long since recognized the absolute need for service and spares. With this in mind we offer a complete service which is available on a 24 hour basis.


  • IVAR is probably the most competitive quality boiler available.

  • IVAR boilers have "CE" certification

  • Latest CNC automated manufacture results in a quality product

  • High Thermal Efficiency

  • Minimum maintenance requirement

  • Left or Right Hand front swing door

  • Generous heating surface area reducing thermal stress

  • Every shell is hydraulically tested to 1.5 times the working pressure

  • Easily removable side panels reducing maintenance time

  • Lifting lugs on shell for easy installation

  • Complete "Turn Key" installation service plus hire of boiler plant

  • Complete service available on 24hour basis